Finding Prince Charming

Happily-ever-after is an inside job and not a damsel in distress story. Finding Prince Charming has more to do with finding yourself.

Twenty-something years ago at the ripe age of twenty-five (an old maid in the Northwest) people who knew me would say annoying things like, “It’s so sad that you are alone and you don’t even have any children at your age” or “You are just being too picky”. My reply was always simply, “I am not going to settle. I am not going to get married just for the sake of being married. I’m not desperate. I would rather be single and alone than in a relationship and miserable.” I was tired of playing the dating game and the last thing I wanted was to try to mold another person into my idea of the perfect guy. I wanted someone who was already perfect for me.

It was in the 1980’s, when self-help anything was considered woo-woo, new age and even evil by some. Leave it up to me to be cutting-edge and rebel against the status quo. I was a self-help junkie in a sense and by time I was twenty-five I have read every self-help book I could get my hands on. I was determined to take control of my destiny and take responsibility for the direction of my life, rather than live it haphazardly like most other people seemed to be doing, or according to God’s plan that my parent’s had raised me with. Perhaps that’s why so many people considered self-improvement to be evil now that I think about it.

Along with self-improvement I read books about financial improvement and creating goals that stick. I decided to use the same approach to finding a mate that I had been taught as a means of creating success in other areas of my life. That was to set a goal for what I wanted. Not just set a goal, but be very specific about the goal, what I wanted and why it was important to me. To be successful in any endeavor requires knowing what you want and why you want it. And so it is with relationships. After all, how do you know when you have arrived if you don’t know where you are going?


I also knew that before I could find my ideal mate I needed to be very specific about what I wanted in him. I began writing a list of dos – always keeping it positive. At the top of my list of course was honesty. Several years later the list had grown to be three pages long. Everything on my list was based on insights from my dating life and I knew very well what I did and did not want. This was not three pages of one- liners, and it was based solely on personal qualities I wanted my ideal partner to have.  It had nothing to do with the amount of money he made (because quite frankly the men in my past with the most money are the ones who hurt me the most) the kind of car he drove, where he lived or where he went to school. To me those were all material and superficial. What I was looking for were qualities in the person and not the “stuff” they had. After all, quality of life isn’t in the stuff; it’s in the relationships we have with ourselves and others.

This three page list was comprehensive and invaluable for reminding myself what I wanted and the reason each quality was important to me. And here is the best part. At the end of my list was the disclaimer “All of these things I expect from my man I must also expect from myself.” In the process of writing a list about who I wanted to attract into my life I began to change and I became everything on that list.

When I became everything on that list, when the qualities I wanted in a man became a part of who I am, I found a man who met every one of the criteria I had set out to someday find. The list was lost (another story) but not until after I recognized him as my soul mate. No, it wasn’t love at first sight and I wasn’t rescued by a wealthy prince. What I found was my personal prince charming, who happens to be the perfect man for me.

My husband and I have been together for over twenty years. And while it has been rocky at times, we know, that no matter what “we” always come first.

Yes, finding prince charming among all of the frogs isn’t easy, and it is a worthy endeavor if you are willing to do the work to become the kind of princess that will attract him. Certainly not the damsel in distress – that will probably scare him into running far, far away. No one can rescue you, the only pet project that brings you true love is a pet, and the only fixer-upper that pays off is real estate. Be the shero of your story. Rescue yourself, become the kind of person you want to attract and the perfect partner will show up… but only after you are really ready. In the end it really is all about you, and who you choose to be for you.

Peace on Earth and All That Jazz

peace on earth

At the core of every human being is a desire for peace. “Peace on Earth” and “Joy to the World” are the mantra’s of the holiday season and “world peace” seems to be the favored response for beauty pageant contestants. And yet I can’t help but wonder how many people really know what peace is. I suspect that very few people have actually felt it within themselves and are only speaking from wishful thinking. I do know that every transformation on earth begins within each of us. If we can’t feel it in ourselves how can we possibly wish it, or better yet, spread it into the world?

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to want peace for themselves but not for anyone else? They say they want peace and then continue to wallow in complaining and blaming – the very opposite of peace. They yell, scream and make a fuss over people’s mistakes and can’t acknowledge where they are responsible. That is because they are in fear, and as long as they are in fear they cannot experience peace, it’s simply impossible. They might not realize they are in fear because fear is such a sneaky little bugger it is easily disguised as other things, such as anger, blame, judgment and resentment. I call these fear-based energies. Anger and blame are emotions that are devastating to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. These emotions, if not properly managed and worked through, eventually manifest as destroyed relationships and our own physical disease. Peace is felt when we are at ease and of course the opposite of ease is dis-ease. Get the picture?

Getting to a place of peace within ourselves requires that we change the perceptions of our reality.  That is, change the way we view our circumstances, and the way we view the people in our circumstances. Peace occurs when we come into acceptance of what is and what has been. Easier said than done I know. And yet, the choice is yours. You can allow your emotions to eat away at your sanity and destroy everything it your path, or, choose to learn from the experience and leave it in the past where it belongs.Unfortunately, too many people dwell on their fear-based emotions because they feel justified and someone else has to pay for making them feel the way they do.

The truth is our emotions are not caused by anyone else. We choose them, consciously or unconsciously, as a response to our circumstances and situations. When circumstances and people come into our lives that cause us to feel negative emotions we get to choose how we respond and how long we hold onto those emotions. When we respond to others in negative emotions such as anger, accusation and resentment we give our power over to the circumstance and to others. We can choose to respond in anger, fueling the fire, or we can choose to see our circumstances, and the people surrounding them, through the eyes of love and acceptance.

When we change our perception of the circumstance and take responsibility for our responses, the negative emotions we have attached to our circumstances simply disappear. The anger, blame, guilt, shame and resentment are diffused and we are at peace with ourselves, with others and the situation. Those who have learned to make peace with their circumstances are at peace within themselves and the world around them. They live in the knowing that all conflict can be resolved with love, understanding and forgiveness. They have learned how to respond to circumstances with complete awareness, always asking themselves “how can I respond to this in a way that is best for myself and others?” They understand the destructive force of negative emotions and they choose peace.

Peace is possible simply for the choosing. And, peace on earth is possible when enough of us choose it.

Rockets of Desire


Did you know the root of the word “desire” means “from the stars?” It literally means to wish upon a star. Somewhere in the past, our ancestors understood that when they placed their heart’s desires out into the stars that the magic of the Universe helped to make their dreams come true.

Then, somewhere in our collective evolution, desire became aligned with evil. Somehow the desires of our heart became considered lustful, and as a result of this belief we lost our magic. As the heart became conflicted and confused with ego, we forgot what it really means to follow our heart.  And we forgot the true power of desire.

Through desire we have the ability to create a beautiful and love-filled reality. Scientific evidence now shows the power of the heart and the heart’s own intelligence. The electro-magnetic energy of the heart has the ability to alter our perception of reality and thereby alter our reality.

It is time for each of us to reawaken desire. When you listen to your heart’s desires, rather than what you think you want in your mind, your heart will tell you what lights you up. It will power your dreams and help you create a reality you truly love.

Send your rockets of desire up into the stars and see what magic awaits you.

The True Power of Opulence


When we as women surround ourselves with beautiful things it stimulates the fertile growth of our money tree.  When we make purchases that inspire us it literally stimulates the heart’s light and opens us up to receiving a higher vibration of all things we desire.  Our desire to create beautiful things and surround ourselves with beauty, is not out of greed or selfishness, but because it stimulates our joy hormone – oxytocin.

This desire to surround ourselves with beauty is often misunderstood and can cause feelings of anxiety and depression for women who do not have a complete understanding of how this process works, or who are using money to buy happiness.  Shopping to feed our desire for beauty is often a masquerade for hiding feelings of worthlessness and not understanding our true intrinsic worth.  Opulence and beauty can also make women very uncomfortable if they have feelings of unworthiness because their beliefs are incongruent with their true value.  Their unconscious beliefs surrounding their worthiness and their financial set points are incongruent with what is really calling to them as the desires of their heart.

The first step to surrounding yourself with beauty and the opulence that inspires you is to remove anything from your life, home and closet that is not consistent with the lifestyle you desire.   Every time you feel uninspired it’s time for a proverbial house cleaning and a little up-leveling in your surroundings.  That doesn’t mean running to the department store and racking up credit card bills just to feed an already full closet. This only temporarily satisfies your empty feelings of unworthiness and your unconscious oxytocin craving.  And, when the credit card bill arrives is plummets the feelings of worthiness to a new low.  A cycle that has many women so stressed out they can barely think straight.

The key to creating an opulent and beautiful life begins with the opposite of shopping.  The warm fuzzy feelings you get from oxytocin are more effective when you go through your life and closet, and donate anything that no longer serves you as you move upward and onward in your personal growth.  The joy that come with contributing to the less fortunate actually stimulates your feelings of prosperity and abundance. By letting go of anything that isn’t beautiful and doesn’t feed your heart’s vision, you make room for more of what does. 

Once you de-clutter your life, and surround yourself with only beautiful things, then you are free to make purchases that up-level your current surroundings.  They don’t need to be expensive or have fancy brand names; they just need to make you feel inspired and beautiful.  A fabulous silk blouse from a consignment store is just as effective as the same blouse from a department store, and it supports your local business owners.  Recycling is a beautiful thing! And let’s not forget about the little things like repairing a broken drawer or the pile of filing, or the storage shelves you’ve been meaning to buy. What have you been ignoring that can be a quick fix to beautifying your life?  Creating a beautiful space that stimulates your creativity doesn’t require a lot of money and yet it creates a quantum leap in growing your money tree.

Now, about those feelings and beliefs of unworthiness.  Fully embracing our true value is a process of letting go of old beliefs that limit us and creating new ones that embolden us. It is a process that changes not only our own lives – it changes the lives of everyone we touch.  Once the beliefs and feelings of unworthiness are repaired, then we are fully free and able to embrace an environment that stimulates us and inspires us to a higher level of creativity.  We get to enjoy our new lifestyle without feelings of guilt or justification, and without restriction or limitation.  We literally feel just at home in a friend’s mansion or a lavish hotel suite as we do in our own living room because we have found worthiness within ourselves.

Practice the “F” Word

the F word

The F word is Forgiveness, which, for most people really does feel like a swear word. In reality that is only because most people don’t understand what forgiveness really is or what it can do for them. When used properly forgiveness leads to lots of other F words like freedom, fabulous, fantastic, fearlessness and fun.

Forgiveness equals freedom and all of the other deliciousness that comes with being free.

Forgiveness gives us the ability to free ourselves from the negative emotions and attachments we have placed on our life experiences, and it frees us up from being emotionally responsible for other people’s choices and actions.

Many people have such a misconception of what forgiveness is that they literally hold themselves emotionally captive.  There is a general belief that forgiveness means turning the other cheek while we let other people to continually hurt us.  Far too many of us believe that forgiveness means sweeping the issues under the table while we pretend they don’t exist or pretend they don’t hurt us.   And, most of us seem to believe forgiveness means letting others of the hook for causing us pain.  It is actually quite the opposite.

Forgiveness means taking responsibility for our actions, perceptions, responses and beliefs. And it means allowing other people to take full ownership of their own actions, perceptions, responses and beliefs. It means choosing to no longer buy into the beliefs that hold us emotionally captive.  And while many of our beliefs were given to us by our parents, religion, society, education, friends and what my father called the “boob tube,” many of our beliefs were created by us in our moments of trauma as a means of making sense of what we experienced and as a means of self-preservation. In all honesty, most of our beliefs are completely irrational and illogical. And that is where forgiveness comes into play.

Forgiveness is two-fold, forgiving yourself and forgiving others.

In order to truly be free it is essential that you forgive yourself and hold yourself in compassion for the pain you have carried within yourself as a result of your choices and the choices of others.  The real fun with self-forgiveness is forgiving yourself for buying into the many irrational beliefs that have been running rampant in your life like a record, or make that an MP3, that never shuts off.  Self-forgiveness is such a continual process that it’s a lifetime project that keeps on giving.  And, it’s really quite hysterical when you get the hang of it!

Now let’s get to the other forgiveness – the one that feels like a monster looming in our lives that we find easier to run from than to face. And yet once we slay that sucker,  life becomes amazingly liberating.  I highly recommend self-forgiveness first because after you’ve done the self-forgiveness, forgiving others’ really becomes a proverbial piece of cake.  Forgiving others really is letting yourself off the hook for harboring those ugly fear-based energies that hold your happily-ever-after hostage.

What’s Your Story?

What's Your Story YWC

Every year my children’s elementary school puts on a Young Writer’s Conference. It is an all-day production with guest speakers and authors who come to share their gifts and get kids really excited about the unlimited possibilities of writing.  This is one of the biggest days of the school year where  parent’s step in and go all out, decorating the school to make it a truly memorable event.  This year’s theme is “What’s Your Story?”

I love this theme, almost beyond words. We all have stories, some painful, some beautiful, and all of them worthy of telling. Every story has the potential to inspire those around us once we learn to see our story with love.  And yes, every story is eventually worth loving.

Recently I was invited to share my story with Maria Shriver in her new online magazine The Shriver Report, a magazine dedicated to the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of women.  Once upon a time I dreaded telling my story, at least parts of it, out of fear of how I would be judged. Now I openly share they whole thing, good and bad, because I know that in sharing my story I inspire others to see what is possible in their own lives.

Stories can, and will, change the world.  What’s your story and how are you using it?

Click here to view my story on The Shriver Report.

Reinventing Women

WARNING! At first appearance this may look like a man bashing post. It is not and you will need to read all the way to the end to understand why. It’s time to put on your big girl panties (or big boy underwear) and read this like the grown-up that you are.

Before I get into the meat of my post I have something very exciting to share. We are at a time in our collective story when many of us are reinventing, or what I like to call re-creating ourselves.  In this re-creation of ourselves we are re-creating our world.  I have been invited to share my story at the Women’s Reinvention Summit. I get to share the stage with some amazing messengers who are helping men and women find their true passion and purpose. It’s open to the public so check it out here.


Okay, back to my post. Let’s get down to business and cut to the chase.

The age of man is over and its time we all get used to it. As the time of Mankind fades away and the time of Humankind emerges, women are coming out of the woodwork and embracing ALL of who we are.  We are no longer willing, or able, to be kept behind doors and under wraps.

We are so much more than just the caregivers we have been told for countless centuries is our reason for existence.  At the core of every woman is an urge to birth something new within ourselves and for the whole of humanity. It has always been there, for as long as human beings have existed, but in caring for children and homes we have never had the time to care for ourselves, and out of fear we have been unable to follow our gifts and passions.  The more children we had the less time we had to think about ourselves and many women resigned to live their lives is woeful sacrifice to everyone else.  We were kept barefoot and pregnant on purpose…

In this emergence we are reawakening our gifts, our magic, our original medicine.

Women have always been the holders of spiritual gifts. Our gifts were taken away from us by the masculine uprising that occurred thousands of years ago when humanity lost its balance and we collectively lost our footing.  Prior to the rise of man we lived in a sanctuary of peace, in a symbiotic relationship with each other and the earth. That is the true story behind the Garden of Eden.  As the masculine rose up he put woman down. He created the God of Man and reduced the Divine Feminine to dirt. There She has waited restlessly until man grew up and we all learned the lesson that both masculine and feminine are necessary for creation and wellbeing. 

In the rise of man, feminine gifts were deemed dirty and evil until women were murdered for using their spiritual gifts. Any feminine gifts seen worthy of keeping alive were claimed by the masculine for their own usage – gifts such as inspiration, healing, writing, painting, designing, music, sensuality…. – all for the glorification of men.  If women talked to spirits they were murdered as witches and if men talked to spirits they were dignified as prophets. Women were limited to sharing their talents with other women behind closed doors and forced to give their services for free. Any women who desired to create anything other than babies were shunned and forced to use men’s names if they wanted to openly share their gifts.  In these man-made beliefs, God forbid women to share their gifts with the world – and certainly precluded from making money with their gifts.

This belief that women and their gifts are not worthy of money and that money must be feared in the hands of women, has collectedly held women in a position of beneath-ness and less-ness. Until now!

We are coming out from behind closed doors, taking off the layers of wraps end exposing our gifts to the world. We are reclaiming our gifts and using them to heal the damage that has been done to humanity and to our planet in the belief that men rule the world.  Mother is coming out and cleaning up the mess the boys have made and freeing Her daughters to work their magic.  We are re-creating everything we touch with our gifts as we embrace our ability to connect directly with inspiration – no middle-man necessary.  We are making money with love and loving what money has the ability to do in the hands of creative, compassionate, collaborative women.

The true meaning behind “being fruitful and replenishing the earth” has nothing to do with making babies and everything to do with creating trees of life that feed humanity.  It mean’s planting our inspired seeds, cultivating our gifts and giving them the freedom to grow and expand, upward and outward as evidence of what is possible.  Yes, money does grow on trees, the trees that we plant and nurture with love and as they bloom into magnificent reality.  We women are so much more than the caretakers of children; we are the creators of worlds.

Women and money go together like butter and honey.

As this sweet golden deliciousness flows in our hands we are able to use it for the betterment of ALL of humanity.  Without the masculine ego we are able to see clearly the work that needs to be done to heal the earth and create a new reality where true love conquers all.  After all, love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is feminine.

As I said in the beginning that this is not a man-bashing post. It is so important for people to understand that “masculine” and “men” are not synonymous. Masculine is energy while men are men. Every one of us has both masculine and feminine energy, both masculine and feminine qualities, which make up the whole of who we are.  The masculine dominance of humanity has also hurt men and prevented men from fully being who they have the ability to be. It fed men with the belief that they needed to control and dominate, and in the need for domination, they have been living lives based in fear rather than love, just as we women have. The emerging feminine allows men to embrace the feminine aspects of who they are and see them as strengths instead of weaknesses. It allows men to hug each other without shame and give money to projects that tug at their heart. It gives men the ability to support woman as women learn how to fly. It also allows women to no longer shun their own feminine aspects as weakness in a world where we have been attempting to be more like men.  Embracing the Mother energy found in all of creation provides us with the ability to finally love the WHOLE of who we are.  And, the Divine Feminine can finally take Her rightful place in balance and equality with the Divine Masculine, as is should be. I don’t say this to be all woo woo – I’m about as far from religious as you can get without being a complete atheist. How you see God/Goddess is an individual experience and only you know what is true for you.

As we enter this new phase in our evolution we can choose to be part of the solution that helps nurture balance or be part of the resistance.

We can choose to see the beauty of the emerging tree of love, or cling desperately to fundamentalist ways of fear and control. Each of us in our own personal evolution is a part of the greater consciousness. We can try to battle evolution or decide to be part of its magic.

Making Money the Feminine Way


Did you know that collaboration is the way women really work? That’s right, at the core of women’s nature is collaboration, community and communication. We have been running around trying to act like men and create success based on competition. Why, because that is what we have been told we need to do in order to succeed in what has been mankind’s world. That time is coming to an end as the time of humankind and balance now take hold. 

I’m going to step out on a limb here and say that competition isn’t a bad thing. Yes, there are a lot of women who are badmouthing competition and  its time for some clarity.  There is a great deal of resentment right now toward men and the world they have created. Men are not the problem, they are a product of the overall collective consciousness, just as women are, and many men are just as set on re-creating the world as women are, so lets give them a break. We are all made of masculine and feminine energy and for those who have more masculine aspects, competition can be a good thing. Competition for the masculine is a game and it has the ability to bring out the best in men, if it doesn’t turn into conflict. And, for women who have more masculine energy than feminine, they can thrive beautifully in a competitive environment. For the rest of us, its the opposite of how we thrive. All it does for us is make us, let me be frank here, bitchy and fat! Competition, while it brings out the best in some women, is incredibly unhealthy for most of us.

So, what’s the difference between competition and conflict? Competition, or at least healthy competition, brings out the best in those who compete as they strive to continually improve their game. In a healthy environment the competition and continual pursuit for improvement is supported by everyone in the competition as people applaud each other for their efforts and successes. In this way everyone wins because everyone can learn from the experience. Conflict on the other hand creates an environment of animosity and win/lose. And as a result, no one really wins. Yes, someone may get the accolades and all of the attention that comes with success, but success at the expense of others isn’t really success.  It feeds the ego which tells us we are successful, yet still leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Understanding the difference between competition and collaboration changes everything in the business world. As women are rising to take their place in balance and equality with men we need to understand how to create business that feeds us our heart, not just our ego.  Women are finding tremendous financial and emotional success working in collaboration with each other rather than competing with each other. It’s beautiful, because it is a game where everyone wins.  Women not only support each other, they promote each other, and as a result of cross-promotion everyone wins.

One way we are seeing this come into play is in the model of what has been coined as “affiliate marketing,”  also referred to as joint ventures. I call it collaborative marketing because it is a beautiful collaboration between those who give their service, those who recommend the service and those who receive it. It creates a win/win/win for all.  To me it is a magnificent dance of women (and men), bringing their gifts and messages together to support each other and to support their collective clients. This model of business can, and is, changing the face of business as women learn how to make money with love.

Finding My Voice


As a little girl I was not allowed to have a voice. This went beyond the old saying of children being “seen and not heard”. It was a pervasive belief in my community and within my parent’s fundamentalist religion that females had nothing of value to say. 

Looking back I suspect I was more boisterous and outspoken than most girls or possibly most children for that matter. We were taught to keep our arms folded, our legs crossed, our mouths shut and our minds closed.  I had an issue with these rules according to my parents and I was constantly reprimanded for being too loud and opinionated. I was even told once by my mother that at a point in history I would have been burned as a witch for having my opinions. Talk about scaring me into keeping my mouth shut. Even my own mother fell for the belief that men and their opinions mattered more than women’s.   

Yet somehow my spirited, and what my parents and everyone around me called my rebellious and stubborn nature, could not be completely squelched, at least not as easily as my parents and my leaders would have preferred. And I refused to play the role of the subservient and meek female I was expected to be. It isn’t that that I did not want to be what I was expected to be, I really did want to be good girl, it just wasn’t in my nature to sit still and keep my thoughts to myself. That was until one day when I took my desire to be seen and heard to the stage. It was during a fundraising auction for a community/church event (they were one and the same) where teenage boys stood in front of a crowded room and offered up their time and services to the audience. I proudly took the stage among the boys in full confidence that what I had to offer was just as valuable as anything they could offer. Unfortunately for me and my already crumbling self-esteem, my actions were considered blasphemous and members of the audience booed me off the stage.

The humiliation of that experience and not being recognized for having any value affected me unconsciously for much of my life. It took me another thirty years to take the stage again. And it took me just as long to write my story and tell it in confidence. That was, until my calling to inspire others finally overtook my fear of being ridiculed.

Now I proudly share my story with others through public appearances and in my writing. My story finally has a voice. Giving a voice to my story has been truly transformational in so many ways. And the best part is that in sharing my story and my truth, I have seen it change the lives of others and I can finally see the value in my story, and in me. 

Mind Blowing Power

Do you know how powerful you really are?

You are so powerful it could possibly blow your mind. Actually I hope it does. If you really want to understand the limitlessness of your power and your real potential you rethink everything you think you know. At least that was the case for me. The belief system I grew up with, aka, my religion, prevented me from recognizing who I really am and my true power. I literally thought I was powerless, all because of a misunderstanding of what power really is.

Inside every one of us is our own power center, not unlike our own central sun. It is a light that has the ability to shine so bright that any darkness cannot come near us. When we learn how to embolden our light, all negative energies melt away simply by being in our very presence.

Now that’s powerful!

You have within you the power to change your world and to be a light to others. You have the power to create your reality and co-create reality of those around you. You have the power to create all things in oneness with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe, the loving Source of all that is. You and I are connected to that power as it surges within us and emanates out through us.

The Christ said “let your light so shine” and “do not hide your light under a bushel.” Yet how many of us have our light hidden deep within the recesses of our core; hidden under layers upon layers of fear, guilt, shame, blame and resentment. We keep our light small to the point where it is almost undetectable. And as a result we live in a world of fear and darkness, not realizing that we are the source of light.

As I peeled down through the layers of darkness and liberated my inner light, I began to feel the power that is the energy of who I really am. Once I allowed my light to shine it began to light my way. And as my light became bolder and brighter it began to light the way for others to see and follow their own light.

Have you heard the saying that there’s no such thing as a dark switch?

Darkness doesn’t stand a chance in the presence of light. Through knowing your inner power and your connection to yourself, you will begin to see through the darkness and recognize the light and inner power in others. And, the more light you see in yourself the more light you will see in all of humanity, the light in our world and the light that exists in everything. And you begin to recognize the collective power that exists as we connect and really see each other for our true worth and potential. In seeing the light in everyone and everything you begin to see how simple it can be to change the world when enough light is in it. You simply cannot feed the darkness with your own negative energy, because your positive power has enlightened and emboldened you.

Your power is only limited by the shell you place around it. As each of us connect to the power and light within us and allow it to expand, together we have the ability to illuminate our world.

Imagine the possibilities when we all understand what power really is!