Rockets of Desire


Did you know the root of the word “desire” means “from the stars?” It literally means to wish upon a star. Somewhere in the past, our ancestors understood that when they placed their heart’s desires out into the stars that the magic of the Universe helped to make their dreams come true.

Then, somewhere in our collective evolution, desire became aligned with evil. Somehow the desires of our heart became considered lustful, and as a result of this belief we lost our magic. As the heart became conflicted and confused with ego, we forgot what it really means to follow our heart.  And we forgot the true power of desire.

Through desire we have the ability to create a beautiful and love-filled reality. Scientific evidence now shows the power of the heart and the heart’s own intelligence. The electro-magnetic energy of the heart has the ability to alter our perception of reality and thereby alter our reality.

It is time for each of us to reawaken desire. When you listen to your heart’s desires, rather than what you think you want in your mind, your heart will tell you what lights you up. It will power your dreams and help you create a reality you truly love.

Send your rockets of desire up into the stars and see what magic awaits you.

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